True Colors Industrial Tailored Roof Systems

All of our roofing systems qualify for Energy Star and Cool Roof Programs.
They are Factory Mutual Approved and manufactured under ISO 9001-2000 standards. All TCI roof systems enjoy a complete manufacturer product, labor and leak proof warranty.

Renewable Warranty
All of our roof systems offer a unique renewable warranty. After the initial 12 year leak proof warranty has expired, we can simply clean and re-treat the top surface layer and renew the warranty for an additional 12 years. And in most cases this can be done for a fraction of the cost of the initial installation.

Types of Roof Systems

EPDM/Single Ply Restoration

Multi-layer cross linked polymer provides a completely seamless, fully adhered, monolithic roof system. A cool roof solution for failing single ply membranes with a full leak proof warranty.


Metal Roof Restoration

Control expansion and contraction with a ceramic particle embedded multi-layer cross linked polymer. Virtually impervious to airborne corrosives over years of hostile environmental conditions. This system surpasses R19 heat gain testing!  A real cool roof!


Built Up Polyurethane Roof 

One inch (or more) of polyurethane can be applied as a base layer to any type of roof for added insulation.  Built up polyurethane far surpasses other types of roof insulation while adding strength to the existing roof.  We use it exclusively over Tar and Gravel roofs as well as deteriorated asphalt or modified BUR.

Diaognostic Tools


A Flier Infra Red Scan is one of the diagnostic tools we use.  The “IR” scan helps to determine if areas of underlying roof insulation have become saturated.   Once wet, insulation has no value and can cause structural damage if not properly removed and repaired.

IR Scan

Why tear off an entire roof if only isolated sections are affected? The "IR" Scan allows us to remove just the saturated sections saving you, the customer, an enormous amount of money compared to a completely unneeded tear off.

Insulation Properties


The ambient temperature is a mild 74.6 degrees F but the roof surface temp is 121.8 almost 50 degrees hotter!

Conventional roof types are giant heat sinks. Often times roof temps can exceed 150 degrees Roof insulation soaks this heat up and then transfers it into the building environment.

All of our roof systems will keep your roof at close to ambient temperatures. This will provide a cooler work environment whether air conditioned or not.

If 1” of polyurethane is added, you can then recover the cost of the entire roof system, often within 5 years from the original installation.